$22 MILLION DOLLAR JURY VERDICT – Paralysis – Randy Kinnard | Daniel Clayton

A Chattanooga jury awarded a $22,000,000.00 verdict on behalf of clients represented by Randy Kinnard and Daniel Clayton.

Bette Donathan was in an automobile accident on April 11, 2006, in Winchester, Tennessee. She had a broken leg. She had surgery that was supposed to repair her broken lower right leg. However, as she was prepared for surgery at Southern Tennessee Medical Center in Winchester, medical personnel inserted an epidural catheter for post-operative pain control. “The epidural catheter should have never been inserted because she was on blood thinner due to her having a mechanical heart valve,”, Randall L. Kinnard and Daniel Clayton, her attorneys, argued. Bette Donathan developed a spinal bleed that left her paralyzed from the waist down. The jury, in a trial that lasted almost two months, awarded 62 year old Bette Donathan 19.2 million dollars, and 3 million dollars to her husband, Ben Donathan. It was reported that the verdict for Bette Donathan was the largest malpractice judgment for an individual in the history of Tennessee. “This should never have happened,” Mr. Kinnard said. “Bette Donathan went into the hospital with a broken lower leg, and came out a paraplegic.” Randy Kinnard and Daniel Clayton of Kinnard Clayton & Beveridge in Nashville, Tennessee represented Bette and Ben Donathan in this medical malpractice trial.

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